Thomas M. Abboud
Founder & President

Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)

Five Star Wealth Management Award

Million Dollar Roundtable Court of The Table Recipient

Certified in Personal Financial Planning

B.S. Global Business Management

Educate, Encourage, Empower...


Investment Products:

* ETF’s and Index Focused

   (Passive) Products*

*No Load Mutual Funds*

*Stocks, Bonds, CD's

* Strategic/Tactical Portfolio Construction*

* Complete Transparency*

* Low Fee Products *
No two investors are the same and neither should be their approach and portfolios.​​​​

Each portfolio is customized based on our
3 STEP process described below.

1 - Proper Asset Allocations*
2 - Quarterly Rebalancing*
3 - Active Monitoring*


Abboud Financial Planning only advises on your investments while TD Ameritrade maintains all your accounts, assets and cash.​

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